Ezekiel Ajeigbe is a young actor of Nigerian decent, born in Fort Worth, Texas on March 12, 1996. As a child, he has always been drawn to the arts. Mimicking those he watched on his favorite TV channels such as Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, Ezekiel was quite the character growing up. If he watched or listened to you long enough, Ezekiel could easily do a close to perfect impression of you! Some of his favorites being Elmo, Stitch from the hit TV series Lilo and Stitch, and Mickey Mouse.

 As a quick visual learner, Ezekiel could copy almost anything he could lay his eyes on. He first began dancing after watching a Micheal Jackson DVD his father brought home one day as a child. In the third grade, Ezekiel was able to pop lock, glide, and do robotic styles of dancing days after watching Chris Brown's first music video "Run It." 

When it came to comedy, Ezekiel was a natural class clown. At first, he was confused why his classmates would continually laugh at his comments. It didn't occur to him that he was funny until one of his friends told him, "dude, you're a funny guy!"  When Ezekiel was looking to laugh himself, he loved watching some of his favorite comedic actors like Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence on the big screen.

By the time Ezekiel was 14 years of age, he knew he was destined to be on TV. With his parents by his side, Ezekiel went to a large amount of auditions, but all in the wrong places. Running into a plethora of scams, his parents smartly refused to pay anything upfront for representation. Soon they became discouraged by these repeated scams, causing both of his parents to give up on him and his dream. This didn't stop Ezekiel though. At this point, he was determined to continue following his dreams; vowing to continue his journey as soon as he turned 18.

Years past and Ezekiel finally hit the age of 18 where he could go out and find work on his own. While pursuing his acting aspirations, Ezekiel attended the University of North Texas as an Electrical Engineering & Technologies student. He wasn't too fond of the major at first until his parents convinced him to go through with it. To please his parents, he convincingly thought to himself, "I'm pretty good with my hands when it comes to repairing electronic devices, so the major might suit me well." Between being a full time student and juggling his acting career, Ezekiel slowly began to realize his true passion. "Electrical engineering is cool" he said to himself, "but I want to be able to do what I love and love what I do. Engineering is definitely not what I love." With film and television acting being his true passion, Ezekiel came to a huge dilemma. Being that his parents were from Nigeria, they were very strict when it came to education and degrees. Like many foreigners who come to the United States to seek better opportunities for their family, Ezekiel's parents wanted for him to be something more "professional" rather than an actor. They listed many professions that they deemed "more respectable and professional" in their eyes. Those being doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses, pilots, or any other profession that have potential 6 figure incomes were those that Ezekiel's parents insisted him to pursue. Ezekiel however knew what it was he wanted to do, and wouldn't let anything get in the way of it. After speaking with his parents about this, they insisted that he should continue on with his engineering program at school, and pursue his acting career after graduation. So the following fall and semester in 2016, Ezekiel listened to his parents and tried to stick with engineering, but there was a deep longing for entertainment that he could not suppress. Through the rest of the semester, Ezekiel was miserable in the program he was in and finally decided it was time to make a change.

Being a follower of Christ, Ezekiel prayed day in and day out for guidance when it came to making this change. Eventually he finally riled up the courage to talk to his parents about how he longed to pursue the arts. In December of 2016, Ezekiel went home for the holidays with the intent of telling his parents about what's been on his heart for some time. Knowing how the conversation would turn out, he intentionally brought his girlfriend, Sydney Stewart, with him so she could witness how strict his parents really were. Upon arrival of his parents home in Arlington, Texas, the very first question that was asked by his parents was, "how is school?" Knowing that he wanted to either change his major to something more entertainment based or go to a film school, Ezekiel replied by telling them how he felt. The conversation escalated quickly and an argument arose. Towards the end of the altercation, Ezekiel tried to tell his parents how good he was doing in acting, but they were not trying to hear it. Ezekiel's father then told him, "you will never make it in acting, and we will never support you unless you get this engineering degree!" Appalled at this statement, Ezekiel stood in silence while his younger sister along with his girlfriend were present in the room. Then his mother insisted that he grab what he came there for and leave. Heartbroken, Ezekiel was determined to prove to his parents that he can and will make it as an actor. 

From the age of 18 to this present day, Ezekiel has done more than he ever thought he would as a child. Through his years as an actor, Ezekiel has played a variety of roles. Just to name a few, he played the leading role of the brave hero "Lex" in a family friendly short called Write Off the Page: an award winning stage play written by Stephanie Parajon. In addition to his accolades, Ezekiel played the role of "Jide", the quiet, confident, bold African in the feature film The House Invictus, which was written, directed, and produced by Uche Aguh. He also starred in the feature film inspired by the true story of the hit 1960's & 1970's singing group called the Delfonics, titled Marvelous, written and directed by Kaheem Yisrael. Ezekiel’s first television debut was on the CW’s series titled Dynasty. In the series Ezekiel portrays the role of “Young Jeff Colby.“ Apart from film and TV, Ezekiel has also done some commercial work with Dallas Morning News, NBC, Gatorade, and WFAA-TV.

Following his dream in the arts, Ezekiel has been an inspiration to many of his peers. With his amount of work ethic, determination, and talent, there is no doubt that Ezekiel has an extremely bright future ahead of him.